My Studies

  • Student ID Card and/or ISIC Card

    Log into the VUT Information System; click on "Průkazy/CARDS" in the "Portál/Portal" section. Inside, you will find instructions on how to order your standard VUT ID card or your ISIC card, as well as where/how to upload your photo.



    In Studis, you will find your electronic record book, your schedule, you can register your classes there, enrol in your seminar groups, enrol in the next academic year, you will also find exam dates there. The system can also be used for grant/scholarship applications (accommodation, merit scholarship), etc. Some items might be hidden and made available only in relevant periods of time – e.g., course registration, seminar group registration, enrolment.


  • Accommodation in Dormitories and Meals

    Information on VUT Brno housing options/dorms, application schedule, dining options -  go to the Dorms and School Cafeteria website

    Your Dorm application may be submitted electronically in the VUT system – after logging in, go to the PORTÁL app –  section „Ubytování a stravování/Accommodation and Meals“.

  • Academic Year Calendar

    This is an essential schedule that sets the beginning and the end of the teaching in each semester, the beginning and the end of the exam period, dates for checking your credit status, breaks, etc.


  • Checking My Credit Status

    Teaching in the first semester has started, and what comes next?

    For first year students to proceed with their studies and continue in the Summer Semester, the student is required to earn at least 17 credits in the Winter Semester – credits are checked at the end of the Winter Semester exam period.

    To be able to continue in the second year, the student is required to earn at least 40 credits in the first year – credits are checked at the end of the Summer Semester exam period.

  • Course Registration

    Study plans for corresponding study programmes and years consist of required and selective courses and may also include elective courses. In accordance with the Schedule relevant for each Academic Year enrolled students as well as applicants admitted to studies, where the enrolment takes place after the course registration, register their selective and elective courses for the Winter and Summer semesters in the Studis app – section Course Registration. All required courses are registered automatically.