Admissions to the International Business and Management programme

Applications are open electronically from 1st December 2022 to 30th April 2023. The applicant is required to include documents in PDF format as a mandatory attachment to the application form:

  1. Letter of motivation written in English.
  2. Officially authorised documents certifying the applicant's current or completed university study and the grades of the exams passed by the applicant, plus other professional activities at the applicant's discretion. The applicants who have studied abroad will submit documents required by Section 48, Paragraph 5 of the Act 111/1998 Coll. concerning universities (the Act)
  3. An officially authorized document certifying the highest level achieved of proficiency in English

Admission process - consists of judging al the written document (letter of motivation, certificates of previous study and professional activities, certificate of the highest proficiency in English achieved).

Under the University Act no. 111/1998, access to the admissions is conditioned by the payment of an admission fee in the amount of 30 EUR.

The documents submitted will be assessed by the admissions board. Based on this assessment, the Dean will decide about admission.

The admissions are governed by Rules for Admissions

Study fee

  • 2,250 EUR per academic year for EU students;
  • 3,400 EUR per academic year for non-EU students

see Decision no. 11/2022 Tuition fees for degree programmes taught in english in the academic year 2023/2024

Waiver of entry exam for the International Business and Management programme

Applicants for the follow-up master's programme, International Business and Management can get a waiver for the entry exam if they have successfully completed a bachelor programme offered by the Faculty of Business and Management receiving a bachelor degree in the academic year in which the admissions take place and meet the below conditions:

  • The weighted grade point average of all exams passed in the three years is not greater than 1.9.
  • The document of the grade point average will be provided by the FBM study department.

Applicants graduated from a bachelor programme offered by the Faculty of Business and Management who have submitted an application for the IBM programme and meet the grade point average condition do not have to submit any written documents.