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Entrepreneurship and Small
Business Development

Full-time3 yearsDegree Bc.

The Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development is a program which greatly differs from others. The program places a great emphasis on the practice. If you have a feeling that the study can be spent differently than purely by listening to lectures, we do agree with you. You will learn fundamentals in the subjects such as marketing, management, finance etc. Subsequently, together with the team of enthusiasts, you will create a company. After graduation, the term “entrepreneurship” will include much more than only a trade license. You will acquire all practical and theoretical knowledge. Gained experience will help you to establish your own company or to choose a good job in the prosperous business. In any case, you will know very well what both choices mean.

We transform ideas into real projects

  • 100% guarantee

    that you yourselves create the content of the study

  • 100% certainty

    Experience with team work and company development