Short Term Students

For exchange students, FBM offers Bachelor´s study program (Economics and Management B) and Master´s study program (Economics and Management M).

The current offer of courses can be found at

The teaching is organized into 2 semesters:

                Fall semester runs from late September until late December

                Spring semester runs from early February until mid-May

Every semester consists of 13 weeks of lectures and 5 weeks of exams.


Application process


Nomination needs to be sent by the responsible person at sending institution to Only nominated students will be accepted.

Responsible person at FBM confirms the nomination back to sending institution by e-mail.

Students receive e-mail with instructions and link for online application.

Read instructions carefully before completing your on-line application! Incomplete, incorrect and/or illegible applications cannot be processed!


Online application

Online applications run during the period 31st March – 31st May for Fall Semester and 15th September – 15th November for Spring Semester.

Students also choose the level of study and courses which would like to attend in the electronic application. It is necessary to wait for on-line confirmation of required courses by the responsible person at FBM.